Sunday, January 30, 2005

TVR Cerbera Convertible, yes please!

TVR Power in the UK can customise standard TVRs as part of their wide range of services. The convertible TVR Cerbera is a favourite of mine, I want one!

Friday, December 10, 2004

MPH04 photos on Sleepy Fish

Luca Brazzi has posted some great TVR photos from his attendance of TopGear's MPH04 event.
I am particularly partial to this shot which looks like a TVR drag race about to start:

Saturday, November 27, 2004

James Agger AustoSport TVR Gallery

James Agger AutoSport has a really great TVR gallery and desktop wallpaper, well worth checking out.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

TVRFreak T-Shirt now on sale.

After waiting 3 weeks for approval for use of TVR images from TVR and hearing nothing, and after being told in a TVR forum that the orange-red Tuscan image on my T-Shirt design and on this website (see right column) is of a scale model Tuscan, I have decided to proceed and use the image on my T-Shirt. If its a scale model Tuscan then anyone could have taken this photo as far as I am concerned!

I will order mine soon, and give you an idea of what the quality is like.

I hope to get some more images that I can use on T-Shirts courtesy of real TVR owners in Britain. I need to find some who are willing to contribute photos of Tuscans, T350c's, Sagaris and Cerberas.

You can order my T-Shirt via

TVR spotted in Adelaide's "Run to the Eagle" event.

Back in the 1980's when Adelaide hosted the Formula 1 Grand Prix, it was traditional for many sports car owners to all meet at the Adelaide Grand Prix start line in the morning and drive to the "Eagle on the Hill" pub, located high up in the Adelaide hills. Many people would gather and watch the classic sports cars cruise by. Most cars were valued well over 1/2 million dollars each.

Even when the Grand Prix moved from Adelaide to Melbourne in 1996, the tradition continued. I have made a point of attending regularly each year ever since.

Even though the weather was sub standard, this year's event revealed some real eye candy. For the first time, a new Bentley Continental GT, and some Ford GT 40's which have been rebuilt from last year's event.

Ford GT40's, two are better than one.

Bentley's Continental GT

And to my surprise, I spotted the first TVR I have ever seen in this event! Hopefully not the last too.

I talked with the owner, Rick, who bought the car recently from a local classic sports car yard.
He loves the car and wouldnt part with it.

Rick's TVR is an S series which he snapped up immediately when he saw it - a true TVR fanatic in my books. Great one Rick!

Rick's TVR S

I plan to contact more local TVR owners and get them to attend next year's event. It would be great to get them all together in one place and create a mini TVR cruise within the event.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Local TVR owner - Jeffo's Chimaera

Jeff's Chimaera

Jeff, the first local TVR owner I have contacted, has sent me photos of his pride and joy, a TVR Chimaera.

Thanks Jeff!

Monday, October 25, 2004

TVR factory a possibility in South Australia?... please!!!

A post by 'scarney' from the PistonHeads Gassing Station TVR forum, describes how he met someone who was negotiating Adelaide as a future site for a TVR factory for Australia. This would be great news if it was true ..

[scarney] .. " I heard TVR were in Oz for "testing" then met a guy at a winery in SA who was admiring my Chimaera. He told me he had just been at a meeting with TVR execs trying to negotiate to build a factory just outside Adelaide. This would be great news for most Ozzies who can only get personal imports into OZ. Whether it would devalue my Chim (only 27 in Oz) remains to be seen!
Does anyone know any more info on this? "

Spark Model & HotWheels Scale Model Ranges

Spark Model have a great range of 1:43 scale model TVRs.

Spark Model 1:43 scale TVR Tuscan Racer

HotWheels also have a Speed 12 which is worth acquiring..

1:18 TVR Speed (Yellow)
HotWheels 1:18 scale TVR Speed 12

Saturday, October 16, 2004

TVRFreak T-Shirt .. feedback welcome

A closeup of the main T-Shirt design. Comments welcome! Posted by Hello

T-Shirt design ready, await copyright checks.

My T-Shirt first design, awaiting TVR's approval to use the Tuscan image. I have emailed TVR to request approval to their photo on my T-shirt as these will be on sale via Zazzle when approved. Zazzle are obviously have strict rules for adhering to image copyright on their custom T-Shirt designs. I hope TVR will approve its use. Unfortunately as I live in Australia I have to rely on TVR images from the Net and not from my own digital camera as TVRs are extremely rare here - especially Tuscans! :-(. Any British people out there who own TVRs who wish to contribute a great photo of their car for my T-Shirt, please do! Posted by Hello